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Code of Conduct

The Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants, staff, students and families alike, involved in NOYO programs. To be able to successfully make music together it is important to respect the rights and property of others. All members of any NOYO group and the adults who work with them must be respectful and supportive of one another. We count on all participants to use common sense in avoiding situations and behavior that would put themselves or anyone else at risk, cause problems for the group, or adversely affect the safety, performance and enjoyment of all. 

All incidents relating to this Code of Conduct will be referred to the NOYO administration for resolution involving meeting with the parents/guardians of all students involved.  Consequences may include, but are not limited to:  financial responsibility for misconduct resulting in damage, immediate removal from a rehearsal or other event, ineligibility to perform in a concert, reseating within the section, expulsion from the organization and/or inability to re-audition for the organization in the future. If necessary, the proper authorities will be contacted.

Often minor disagreements can develop into serious issues if not handled in a timely manner. NOYO will attempt to provide mediation when necessary to help resolve issues that develop between participants. NOYO participants as well as parents/guardians are encouraged to contact the Executive Director for help in resolving conflicts with the assistance of a third party mediator. In this manner potential conflicts may be resolved before escalating to the point of involving the Code of Conduct.

  • Participants in NOYO will treat all staff, volunteers, visitors and other students/families with respect. Any threat or act of physical harm towards staff, volunteers, visitors or other students/families will be dealt with immediately to ensure the safety of all parties.

  • NOYO will not tolerate the use, possession, sale, or distribution of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs at any rehearsal, warm-up, performance or other NOYO activity. No one will be permitted to participate in any NOYO activity while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • In accordance with the policies of our host facility, Oberlin College, firearms and other weapons are prohibited at any rehearsal, warm-up, performance or other NOYO activity.

  • Any form of harassment, including sexual harassment and bullying, will not be tolerated. These behaviors may include actions or statements that are designed to disturb or upset others, may or may not be repetitive, and are often distinguished by issues of power and control. Use of negative, degrading, intolerant or prejudicial speech or actions against a person or group of people based on race, gender, gender identity, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language ability, moral or political views, socioeconomic status, occupation or physical appearance (such as height or weight) will not be tolerated. Any participant in NOYO experiencing or observing such behaviors should report it to a NOYO staff member immediately.

  • Students will respect and treat with care the facilities and property of the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra and its partners used during rehearsals and performances. In the event of intentional or willful damage or theft of any property of NOYO or its partners, the organization will seek restitution from the student and parent/guardian.

  • All NOYO staff members are required to report violations of the Code of Conduct to the Executive Director. NOYO participants and their families are encouraged to report to a NOYO staff member any situation where they feel at risk or believe others may be at risk of harm. All complaints will be promptly investigated. All NOYO employees and volunteers are expected to cooperate fully in such investigations. To the extent feasible, all internal investigations and/or actions taken to resolve complaints of abuse, neglect or harassment shall be confidential.

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