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NOYO's Annual Fund and Legacy Society are made up of music lovers from across the country who believe in NOYO's mission.


Annual Fund

Contributions to NOYO’s Annual Fund Campaign enable NOYO to provide outstanding orchestral training to the youth of Northern Ohio. The Annual Fund Campaign runs from November through the end of the fiscal year, June 30th, each season. All contributors to the campaign receive an acknowledgment letter as a receipt for tax purposes. NOYO gratefully accepts contributions in any amount. Gifts received between today and June 30 will support NOYO’s current season.

Conductor's Circle $1,000+

Jason and Matt Adelman, Nelson T. Cleary, Marilyn McDonald, Anne and Al Sprague, Almeda Jean Trippe

Symphony $500-$999

Helen Black in memory of Priscilla Smith, Robert Conrad, Arlene and Larry Dunn, Gretchen Woods in memory of Sandy and Edward Fink, Ryan Miller, Mark Parish and Jody Kerchner, Mary E. Picken, H. Alicia Taylor Smetts, Beth and Ellis Tallman

Concerto $300-$499

Amanda and Brent Anderson, Daniel Fletcher, Eileen Jarc, David Pope, Gregory RistowRosalind Soltow, Marilyn Willett

Fanfare $150-$299

Randy and Connie Border, Robert Calhoun and Elizabeth Wilmer, Laura Davies, Lisa Ensor, Johanna Hamm, Lukasz Karapuda, Jiyul Kim and Sheila Miyoshi Jager, Jay C. Klemme and Anne S. Wilson, Silvija Koschnick, Sylvan Long, Andrew Machamer, Bill and Laura Marshall, Bill and Jamie Reis, Stephen and Linda Rosen in honor of Emerson Rosen-Jones, the Catacutan family, Tson-Kuang and Mu-Niau Wu

Sonata $65-$149

Ann Beach, Richard and Mary Bouman, Li-Jen Chen and Karina Abolina, Carole and Hilary Crayton, Colin Holter and Jess Narum, Aron Hozman, Christopher Jenkins, Kym Machovina, Mrs. Jane B. Nord, Robert Pedersen, Anne Perry Slosser, Mary Price, Shelly Rasmussen, Michael and Marlene Rosen, Stephen and Linda Rosen, Sue and Bruce Simonson, Chad and Adriana Tucker, Lorraine and Gordon Tucker, Don Walton, Kevin and Sue Weidenbaum, Marilyn T. Willett, Stephen Willett, Mark Wiseman, Louise Zeitlin

Friends $65 and under

Ashley Anderson, Philipp Blume, Megan Bocock, Beth Breslin, Peter and Marilynn Bronson, George Clements, Mary Crouter, Anita and John Cupedro, Lydia DiGrazia, Marion Drummond, Tracy Dunham, Gregory Egan IV, Dr. Richard Fogel, Sandy Frick, Barbara and William Fuchsman, Fabian Fuertes, Megan Lee Gargano, Skyler Gemmer, Jennings Glenn, Marjorie Gold, Nathan and Erika Haskell, Carole R. Heck-Kelly, Elizabeth J. Hickle, Nathaniel Holaway, C. Kurt and Elisabeth C. Holter, Allison Jaques, Mary Javed, Molly Johnson, Kaci Korn, Evelyn Kountoupes, Justyn Lopaczynski, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Machamer, Frank and Kathy Machamer, Daune Mahy, Betsy Mathias, Sharon Miranda, Monika Hunziker-Schane, Rachelle Pengov, Katherine Plank, Emily Price, Shelly Rasmussen, Austin Rennich, Michael Roest, Tanya Rosen-Jones, Joshua Rosner, Anne Shelley, Sarah Soltis, Jo-Anne Steggall, Franklin Sussman, Annabelle Sussman, Suzanne Thompson, Shaquille Tisdell, Carol Tufts, Anna Vitek, Margaret E. Wetzler, Judith Young

Legacy Society

The Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra Legacy Society was established in 2014 by former Artistic Director Joanne Erwin to recognize individuals who have named NOYO a beneficiary of a planned estate gift. Our Legacy Society members care deeply about the future of the organization and know that their gift will help NOYO continue to provide excellent orchestral training for generations to come.

We welcome Anne and Al Sprague as our newest members of the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra Legacy Society. When asked why they have made supporting NOYO a high priority, Anne and Al replied that “as former youth orchestra members, we have both experienced firsthand what a difference participating in a quality performing group makes in the lives of young musicians. While offering excellent performances to its audiences, NOYO puts strong emphasis on teaching and nurturing the young people who participate. NOYO also brings together a staff of outstanding teachers and conductors whose creativity propels NOYO toward a bright future and whose mission is to motivate and challenge talented youth. Whatever your reasons are for supporting NOYO, please join us in giving generously!”

We are grateful for their thoughtfulness and dedication to helping us ensure that the exceptional opportunities for students provided by NOYO will continue into the future. If you, too, are passionate about the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra, please consider making a lasting gift by including NOYO in your estate plans. If you have already included a gift of any amount to the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra in your estate plan, we would like to honor you as a member of our Legacy Society.


Joanne Erwin, Anne and Al Sprague

Named Chairs

Several seats in NOYO's ensembles are named for our most dedicated supporters and members of our Legacy Society.

Philharmonia Orchestra

Anne and Al Sprague Chair (principal horn)

Sinfonietta Strings

Joanne Erwin Chair (principal cello)

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