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NOYO's Annual Fund and Legacy Society are made up of music lovers from across the country who believe in NOYO's mission.


Annual Fund

Contributions to NOYO’s Annual Fund enable NOYO to provide outstanding orchestral training to the youth of Northern Ohio. All contributors to the campaign receive an acknowledgment letter as a receipt for tax purposes. NOYO gratefully accepts contributions in any amount. Gifts received between today and June 30 will support NOYO’s current season.

Conductor's Circle ($1000 and up)

Li-Jen Chen and Karina Abolina, Nelson T. Cleary, Arlene and Larry Dunn, Bob and Carol Longsworth, Marilyn McDonald, Denise Shafer and Jim Strunk, Anne and Al Sprague

Symphony ($500 to $999)

Helen Black in memory of Priscilla Smith, Alan Chmiel, Louis Grube, Colin Holter and Jess Narum, Eileen Jarc, Mark Parish, Christian Patno, Beth and Ellis Tallman, Kevin and Sue Weidenbaum, Stephen and Peggie Willett in memory of Marilyn Willett

Concerto ($300 to $499)

The R. W. Beckett Corp., Nicholas Engelhardt, Joanne and Bruce Erwin, Michael Fritz and Mindy Brueggemann, Jason Ginter, Greg Ristow, Stephen and Linda Rosen, the R. W. Beckett Corporation

Fanfare ($150 to $299)

Mary Crouter, Amy Egle, C. Kurt and Elisabeth C. Holter, Andrew Machamer and Danielle Kuntz, Mary E. Picken, Bill and Jamie Reis, Marlene and Michael Rosen, Rosalind Soltow, Adriana and Chad Tucker, Don Walton

Sonata ($65 to $149)

Jen Bengele, Eve Bostic, Michelle Cardenas, Stephanie Castro, Antoine Clark, Jane Eyre, Beth Garrett, Allison Jaques, Audrey John Melzer, Deborah Kissinger, Jay Klemme, Evelyn Kountoupes, Nancy London, Laura Martin, Paula Nwankwo, Katherine Plank, LaValley Richey, Michelle Robertson, Tanya Rosen-Jones, Franklin Sussman, Joan B. Webster, Wei Xu, Beth Zaworski, Louise Zeitlin

Friend (up to $65)

Ann Beach, Brett Benzin, Rachel Boettler, Alan Boyd, Beth Breslin, JoAnn Cabrera, Bob Cleary, Franklin Cox and Lorna Dunn, Norman Craig, Linda Donaldson, Tracy Dunham, Jillian and Kyle Eberly, David Eck, Kristen Emhoff, Dorothy Figurski, Diane Follet, Megan Lee Gargano, Skyler Gemmer, Marjorie Gold, Honoring Jessie Vermote, Greg Hillis, Nathan and Katie Holaway, Nanette Holben, Gretchen Huizing, Aaron Jacobs, Jensen Family, Molly Johnson, Nick and Sue Jones, Thomas Kagy, Bonnie Kywa, Heidi Lehlbach, Valerie Lyons, Frank and Kathy Machamer, Judith Mack, Chris McCully, Sharon Miranda, Stacey Morris, Valerie Nagy, Gar Narum, Lisam Noss, Kirsten Perdue, Anne Perry Slosser, Jim Pojman, Peter Renerts, Terry Safranek, Lili Sandler, Stacy Sandler, Meredith Sayre, Denise Scott, Destinee Siebe, Jennifer Stainforth, Tonya Stillwell, Barbara and Joel Toncler, Carol Tufts, Steve and Dinah Volk, Cynthia Westfall

Last updated 1 May 2020

Legacy Society

The Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra Legacy Society was established in 2014 by former Artistic Director Joanne Erwin to recognize individuals who have named NOYO a beneficiary of a planned estate gift. Our Legacy Society members care deeply about the future of the organization and know that their gift will help NOYO continue to provide excellent orchestral training for generations to come. We are grateful for their thoughtfulness and dedication to helping us ensure that the exceptional opportunities for students provided by NOYO will continue into the future. If you, too, are passionate about the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra, please consider making a lasting gift by including NOYO in your estate plans. If you have already included a gift of any amount to the Northern Ohio Youth Orchestra in your estate plan, we would like to honor you as a member of our Legacy Society.


Arlene and Larry Dunn
Joanne Erwin
Anne and Al Sprague


NOYO contributors who are especially passionate about making our programming as widely available as possible may set up a recurring annual donation in the amount of $330 (or make a contribution to our 50th Anniversary Fund of a certain size), thereby providing for a young musician to participate in NOYO each season.

Jason Ginter Fellowship, percussion
Marilyn McDonald Fellowships, violin
Mark Parish Fellowship for a Norwalk High School student
Denise Shafer and Jim Strunk Fellowships

Named Chairs

Several seats in NOYO's ensembles are named for our most dedicated supporters and members of our Legacy Society.

Philharmonia Orchestra

Richards Family Chair, principal flute
de la Porte Family Chair, principal bassoon
Anne and Al Sprague Chair, principal horn
Annie Palmer Chair, principal percussion
Mercy Allen Hospital Chair, concertmaster
Dr. Michael McKenna Chair, principal viola

Sinfonietta Strings

Joanne Erwin Chair, principal cello

Wind Symphony

R. W. Beckett Corporation Chair, flute
Beth G. Tallman Chair, flute

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